What’s It Like To Be An Eating Disorder Dietitian?

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What's It Like To Be An Eating Disorder Dietitian?

Today’s episode I am joined by Heather Lasco, a registered dietitian and founder of Confidently NourishED, a group practice that specializes in helping people with eating disorders, disordered eating, and weight inclusive care for chronic conditions. She is passionate about helping people heal their relationship with food. 

Heather shares the importance of being a health focused practice in a world full of weight loss focused content. She aims to break through the misinformation to provide educational, compassionate and helpful guidance. 

If you have ever been curious as to what being a eating disorder dietitian, tune into today’s episode where we cover:

  • Creating accountability in your business and life 
  • How social media impacts our body image 
  • The ebbs and flows of being an eating disorder dietitian
  • The importance of reaching out and asking for help
  • How eating disorders have risen since the pandemic 
  • The controversy of working as an eating disorder dietitian

Connect with Heather:
IG: @confidently_nourished

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