Gut Health Trends and Building a Business around “Poop”?

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Gut Health Trends and Building a Business around "Poop"?

We all do it, now it is time to talk about it! You know we aren’t shy around here and today’s episode is all about your gut health and poop and joining the show today is registered dietitian and nutritionist, Erin Judge! Erin is the founder of Gutivate, a virtual nutrition counseling practice for digestive disorders and gastrointestinal conditions. She is proud of her work in education and advocacy for the IBS patient community through social media, as well as her work in providing resources for dietitians in the GI field.

Over the next 50 minutes we dive into the common misconceptions about gut health and insights into managing bloating and constipation. Erin shares her personal journey with digestive issues that led her to create a platform for honest conversations about taboo topics like poop. Join us as we explore the complex and evolving field of gut health, along with valuable insights and practical tips from Erin to help you optimize your digestion and overall well-being.

In today’s episode, we cover: 

  • The behind the scenes of working in the GI field
  • Understanding the causes of bloating and GI issues
  • Tips for alleviating bloating and constipation
  • The complex nature of gut health and the need for individualize approaches
  • Red flags to watch out for when seeking gut health advice 

Connect with Erin:

IG: erinjudge.rd

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