Building a Group Program And Growing An Online Business As A Body Image Therapist

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Joining the show today is body image therapist and PCOS warrior, Savana Antonation! She is a dog mom, a recovered chronic dieter who now helps other women rewrite what they say about their bodies and break free from food rules. 

During our conversation, Savana shares her journey from a chronic dieter to her PCOS diagnosis to becoming a body image therapist. We dive into what is emotional eating and how to recognize red flags when you are seeking help. Savana shares how to build a group program and the ethics of making money as a therapist. 

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • What is emotional eating
  • Red flags when seeking help
  • How to build a successful group program
  • Finding your niche as a therapist
  • The benefits of giving oneself permission to eat or respond emotionally

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