Hiring My Husband? How To Work With Your Spouse

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Hiring My Husband? How To Work With Your Spouse

Today’s episode, I am joined by a very special guest, my husband, Zack Matthews! This is an episode that has been a long time coming and what many would consider an intriguing and sometimes taboo topic- the dynamics of working with your spouse in your business. 

Over the next 32 minutes, we discuss our experience working together and how we have had to navigate the challenges that come along with it. We chat about everything from our different working styles, the balance of creativity and organization to how we have set boundaries to maintain a healthy relationship. Together, we discuss the motivation behind hiring spouse, the benefits it brings, and the crucial role it plays in achieving our shared goals. Join us as  we reveal our successes, struggles, and lessons learned from our unique partnership in both business and life

In today’s episode, you will hear:

  • Why you should or should not hire your spouse
  • Navigating the challenges of working together
  • How to maintain a healthy relationship when you work together
  • Choosing to put your values first over your job
  • Having the belief in your shared success 

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