Honest Talk: Baby #2, Sharing Your Kids Face On Social, And Food Freedom Postpartum

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Joining the show today is lifestyle and recipe content creator, Sari Diskin. Sari focuses on sharing easy recipes and daily life navigating new motherhood. She is passionate about sharing her everyday joys but doesn’t shy away from real conversations. Sari left the corporate world back in 2017 and has grown her online community to over 50k people. 

During our empowering conversation, we dive into navigating motherhood in the digital age and sharing your child’s face on social media. We discuss the postpartum period and how you can find food freedom in a world full of “bounce back” culture. Sari shares her journey of balancing motherhood and being a full-time content creator. Join us for a candid conversation revolving around all things motherhood, authenticity, and building a business on your terms. 

Tune in to hear:

  • Finding food freedom during the postpartum period 
  • Creating boundaries around your family in the digital world
  • How to accept postpartum body changes
  • Leaning into motherhood and the everyday joys 

Connect with Sari:

IG: @Saridiskin

TikTok: @Saridiskin

Website: eatwellwithsari.com

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