How To Get Started Podcasting, Grow, And Monetize It

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How To Get Started Podcasting, Grow, And Monetize It

In today’s episode, I sat down with the wonderful Cait Howard, CEO of Amplify Boutique, co-host of the Ambitious Moms Club podcast, and mom to three girls. Cait has made a name for herself in the podcast world by helping clients leverage the power of audio to amplify their brand and grow their businesses. 

Our conversation is loaded with brilliant insights on podcast growth, launch strategy, and sharing. Join us as we dive into big topics like answering audience queries, ground-strategy for podcast launch, and podcast monetization. I also reflect on the effects that podcasting has had on my own business and personal growth.

Tune in to hear:

  • How to prepare and launch a podcast 
  • Strategies for growing a podcast 
  • The importance of audience contribution to podcast success
  • The podcasts’ role in relationship building and business evolution

Connect with Cait Howard:

IG: @amplify.cait

Podcast: Amplify Your Brand

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