Honest Truth about Starting a Supplement Line + How to Prepare for Maternity Leave as an Entrepreneur

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Honest Truth about Starting a Supplement Line + How to Prepare for Maternity Leave as an Entrepreneur

Joining our show today is Bridgitte Mallinson, a functional medicine dietitian, business mentor & the founder and CEO of GutPersonal, a supplement company that empowers everyone to eliminate gut issues for good through a personalized approach. After healing a lifelong struggle with her gut, Bridgitte has spent a decade studying functional medicine and nutrition as a registered functional dietitian. She became wildly interested in building and scaling her businesses in the pandemic and succeeded in building not one- but two 7-figure and companies in under three years. 

Over the course of the episode, Bridgette shares her experience, wisdom, and the challenges she has encountered over the course of her journey. Tune in to understand how pursuit of passion, strategic planning, and unwavering determination make it possible to successfully manage personal and professional life. We talk about breaking barriers, prioritizing self-care, and embracing mentorship and networking. 

Tune in to hear: 

  • Tips on how to be a present parent while achieving business objectives (simultaneously!)
  • The importance of mentorship and networking 
  • The importance prioritizing personal health & well-being as an entrepreneur  
  • Why investing is so important 

Connect with Bridgitte:

IG: @gut.personal

Website: https://bridgittemallinson.com/

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