The Sh*ttiest PCOS Advice and What You Can Do Instead

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The Sh*ttiest PCOS Advice and What You Can Do Instead

Joining the show today is a special guest, Cory Ruth! Cory is a registered dietitian who has carved out a niche in the world of PCOS and infertility nutrition. She is also the creator of successful online programs The PCOS Boss Academy and Get Pregnant with PCOS and podcast host of the Imperfect PCOS Podcast. She is passionate about helping women understand the powerful connection between the family body systems and optimal health. 

During our empowering conversation, we dive into the  critical role of diet and regulating blood sugar and hormonal balance for women with PCOS. We also discuss the keys to managing symptoms like hair growth, acne, and irregular periods. We unpack the dangers of erratic blood sugar levels and the importance of embracing a non-diet approach to achieve sustainable health goals.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  • The impact of diet and blood sugar on PCOS 
  • How to manage your PCOS symptoms
  • Creating sustainable weight loss and health goals 
  • The importance of balanced hormones 

Connect with Cory:


IG: @thewomensdietitian

​TikTok: @thewomensdietitian​

YouTube: @thewomensdietitian

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