5 Surprising Ways I’ve Changed in the Last Year

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Joining us today is Tamara Munoz, my right hand woman for nearly the last year. She’s an ops expert and strategic advisor who’s been instrumental in not only my personal and professional growth but also in the success of countless others. 

Over the next 40 minutes, we reflect how I have changed in the last year with Tamara by my side. We’re peeling back the layers of pivoting to a CEO mindset, delegating to a team of heavy hitters to strategize and streamline the business, and tackling barriers that often sideline us from our true passion and purpose. We’ll explore how making data driven decisions have pivoted my business, as well as the boundaries we have laid over the last year that have been the most freeing.

Tune in to hear: 

  • Tamara’s background in operations
  • Strategic hiring to prevent burnout and support business expansion
  • Significance of diverse skillsets within a business team
  • The role of data in business pivots and growth
  • Creating boundaries around social media and business within your personal life
  • The intricacies of personal growth and the power of a pivot in business 

Connect with Tamara:

IG: @tamaramunozwhilden

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