Ozempic Era Of Weight Loss: Round Table

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Today we have two special guests joining the show, Jillian Greaves and Kristie Messerli! Kristie is Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator. Her goal is to help you manage your blood sugars and quit yo-yo dieting for good. Jillian is a integrative and functional Registered Dietitian and women’s health expert. She is passionate about helping women transform their health through functional medicine nutrition.

Over the next hour, we dive into the complex and sometimes controversial world of weight loss medications. We discuss the nuances of drugs like Ozempic along with their side effects. We get real about the importance of informed consent, the implications of celebrity endorsements, and the importance of considering a health lifestyle changes before medication. Jillian and Kristie share firsthand clinical experiences, ready to unpack the realities of using these medications for diabetes management and off-label weight loss.

In today’s episode, you will hear:

  • The importance of considering nutrition and lifestyle changes over medication
  • Overview of medications like Ozempic for diabetes and off-label weight loss
  • Misconceptions about short-term use vs. long-term effects of medications
  • Common side effects of using weight loss medications and Ozempic 
  • Practical advice for boosting GLP-1 levels through meal timing and composition

Connect with Jillian and Kristie:

IG: @jilliangreavesrd (Jillian)

IG: @type2diabetes.nutritionist (Kristie)

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