The Story Behind My First $10K Month

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Are you ready for the surprising twists and hidden strategies that led to my first $10K month? In today’s episode, I share my journey to hitting my first 10K month as an entrepreneur. From working full-time as a dietitian to automating client onboarding and focusing on one clear solution, I honed my marketing and sales strategies to make it happen. Consistency, targeted messaging, and investing in client experience were key. If I can do it, so can you. Dive into the episode for all the deets and let’s crush those 10K months together!

Today I cover: 

  • Ways to focus on your ideal client to make your services more targeted and valuable 
  • The importance of investing in automated processes to ensure a smooth experience and reduce the reliance on manual tasks
  • The value of consistent marketing and showing up for my audience on social media 
  • The power of investing in yourself through continuous learning and mentorship programs 

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