How This Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Went From A $70K Year To $70K By April, Cycle Tracking And Incorporating Faith In Biz

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve  been seeing a lot of people talking about “cycle tracking” on my social media feeds lately. But what if I told you that menstrual cycle tracking isn’t just for fertility– that it’s actually  a game-changer for productivity and energy management? In today’s episode, I am joined by Florencia Moynihan, a passionate nutritional therapy practitioner and advocate for women’s health. Over the course of our time together, we dive deep into the importance of personalized health programs and menstrual cycle tracking as a life skill for women. Florencia even shares her incredible journey from ministry to holistic nutrition, and how her business is thriving with a focus on faith and bio-individual care. This episode is packed with information, so tune in if you want to hear about how personalized care can lead to transformative health journeys! 

We explore: 

  • The importance of creating holistic health programs that acknowledge clients’ previous experiences
  • How understanding and tracking your menstrual cycle can optimize energy levels and productivity
  • How incorporating faith and maintaining authenticity can be an integral part of one’s business and provide deeper connections with clients 
  • The value of personal growth and continuous learning for personal growth and entrepreneurial success

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IG: @thecatholicnutritionist
Podcast: Made Good

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