My Epidural Failure And Unmedicated Birth Story

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My Epidural Failure And Unmedicated Birth Story

If there’s one thing I know about birth plans, it’s that they don’t always go as planned! In today’s episode, my partner Zack and I share my second baby’s birth journey – from the unexpected complications with epidurals to the emotional rollercoaster of postpartum recovery. We share honest insights, like the importance of informed medical decisions, my struggle with therapy post-delivery, and the empowering experience of unmedicated birthing. Tune in to hear how we navigated through rapid labor progression, leaned on each other for support, and embraced the wild, yet beautiful moments of welcoming our second child. 

We cover:

  • The importance of fully understanding medical procedures and potential complications before undergoing treatment
  • Ways to find empowerment through childbirth 
  • The importance of postpartum mental health 
  • The power of support and preparation while navigating the birthing process 

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