It’s hard to describe the emotions that I feel now, looking back over our wedding. The day was fun, emotional, full of love, and the best party Zack and I could have ever imagined. We have over 2,000+ photos so I wanted to share them in a manageable way for me to share with friends, […]

Our Wedding Part 1: Getting Ready + First Look


The wedding count-down is on! We are only 5 weeks away! Zack and I are both so EXCITED for the day to be here but are working to be present in each day right now, especially as our final planning evolves. It has been fun to hear from our friends who are traveling in for […]

Wedding Skin Care


I know not everyone is ‘planning a wedding’ so I have kept the wedding posts to a minimum. But, I’ve been getting more wedding questions (and a lot of you guys are planning too!) so I wanted to share with you my favorite parts of this process. The only reason this process has been fun […]

Top 8 Best Parts about Planning a Wedding


I travel quite frequently for work (I work in sales and strategy in corporate wellness plus travel for brand partnerships at times) and always get messages about how I eat/stay healthy while I travel. So I am finally sharing my top 5 tips! My travel outfit: shoes, joggers (called Shalane Run Pants) my favorite leather […]

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Intuitive Eating

Phillips Wake-up Light: Mornings are hard when it’s pitch black. I’ve wanted this ‘wake-up light’ for over a year and plan to get one this winter! It mimics natural light and research shows you can wake up more refreshed?! Here is another option. Stasher Reusable Storage Bags: Save the earth! Eco-friendly storage bags that you can […]

2018 Holiday Gift Guide


Hi friends! I wanted to recap my experience at FNCE: the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Washington DC where over 11,000+ nutrition professionals come together to address key health issues, trends, check out new food products, earn continuing ed and network. There were so many amazing people at this event and it was […]

FNCE 2018 Recap


Today I am chatting all about my morning routine! I get a lot of questions about my apple cider vinegar drink, what kind of coffee I drink, or how I start off my day so positive, so I thought I’d share! Journal. I spend 10-15 minutes journaling in the morning. Usually it’s thoughts I have […]

My Morning Routine


We all fail. And let’s just say if I gave up when I failed, I would never be where I am today. I launched Dietitian Entrepreneur Academy (you can apply HERE) to help dietitians and RD-to-be’s start and grow an online business through authentic Instagram marketing and active and passive income offers. One one of […]

My Journey to becoming a Registered Dietitian


I’ve gotten so many requests to talk about my current workout routine so I wanted to do a full blog post for you guys. My routine has certainly changed since my ‘bodybuilding’ days! I’ve also been working on giving my body more grace in regards to needing to do a high-impact activity each and every […]

My Current Workout Routine


Banff has been on my bucket list for SO long and it was even more magical than I imagined. We spent 5 days (Thursday night-Tuesday) in the area but I feel like I need to go back to see everything! We were on the trip with one of our best couple friends who made the […]

Banff Travel Guide


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